Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Renovated in 2012, our Guest House offers 10 rooms to anyone who would like a peaceful stay, away from the busy center-town. Yet at only 7 minutes walking distance from the heart of the city, our home is conveniently situated in the peaceful village of Changspa.

The rooftop terrace - A quiet place to relax while enjoying mountain view

First Floor

Second Floor

We provide our guest 24H00 hot water, using Eco-friendly solar system, with an electric geyser back-up. Each room has 2 to 4 plugs so you will be able to charge your camera’s batteries and electronic devices.

                                                       Eco-Friendly Solar Water Heater

Would you wishes to enjoy an early breakfast or a late meal, our seasonal cook, is putting his skills at the disposition our guests who would like to enjoy a meal on the terrace. Ladakhi, Tibetan, Indian and continental food with organics vegetables from our garden. There are also lots of restaurant nearby for who prefers an evening out.

We do not use any fertilizer in our garden : our vegetables are 100% organic

Internet facility is available; we are using 3 different connections to assure our guest a maximum coverage.


We are offering our guests two kinds of rooms:

Ordinary Rooms With Shared Bathroom

Deluxe Rooms With Attached Bathroom
& LCD television with cable connection

Each floor has a common bathroom with solar water heater and electric geyser occasionally used as a back-up when weather isn’t providing enough sunlight. This assure a daily 24HOO coverage of hot water.

Sunday, 24 May 2015


By Taxi:

If your driver isn’t familiar with our Guest House, ask him to follow Changsa Road up to 'Otsal Restaurant'. That’s right were the bridge is. Then indicate to your driver to turn on the right side and to drop you near Gomang Stupa. Our Guest House is just behind this huge white buddhist monument and our signboard will show you which way to go.

By Foot:

Option 1 : Via Karzoo

Take the road that leads to Ecology Center. Take the first small road on your right and keep walking for about 5 minutes, ignoring all the small streets on your right. When you’ll reach the end of the street, you’ll spot our signboard. Follow the sparrow direction on it and you’ll soon be on our doorstep.

Option 2 ; Via Changspa Road

Follow Changspa Road until you reach the Changspa bridge.

Take the road on your right and walk for 2 minutes: you will see Gomang Stupa (white buddhist monument with many windows) on your right. Our Guest House is located right behind the Gomang Stupa. Just follow our signboards.

Saturday, 23 May 2015


If you wish to make a room reservation, you can contact us either by email or through phone call.

Email address : zeepataguesthouse@gmail.com

Phone numbers : Mobile =) +91 9622956517   and / or   +91 9622971878
                              Land Line =) +91 1982 257747

Wednesday, 31 December 2014


We provide free drinking water facilities through Kent Smart Filtering Water Purification system.
Our guests are most welcome to refill their water bottle anytime.


We provide laundry facilities: ‘Given and Received on the same day’


We are using Wimax connection to provide Wi-Fi facilities to our guests.
An additional Dongal  BSNL and Broadband connections assure an internet access in our computers at the disposal of the guests who aren't travelling with any tablet or laptop.